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June 30, 2006



Gorgeous pizza, wonderful prose (as always).


Oh man, I remember that day at the airport. You were really cunning!


Georgeous pizza.
An interesting rule when it can be gotten around so easily.


This pizza violates my "no more than three things besides the dough" rule, but since there's cream and bacon involved, all penalties are waived. Beautiful picture, as always.


Oh my goodness, Lindy! That looks sooo good. Now it is 6.42 in the morning and you have me craving pizza!


i love the idea of putting sage on pizza, i'd never thought of that before... thanks!


What a good idea, to dollop some of that onion jam on top! I can almost smell it in my mind; perfect accompaniment to soup, although I would eat it cold for breakfast, too.


that looks so incredibly good! I´ll be trying it soon.
Always there are new ways with the onion jam, it´s a neverending source of flavour.


farmgirl-coming from ms. susan, especially valued. The chickenz would like to point out that they do all of the real work around here, too.

Trust a redfox to remember it as "cunning". I was, of course, terrified.

steven-it is a good rule,and I don't usually break it myself. I sort of think of all the onions as one thing, I guess.

tanna-Food rules are made to be broken, I think, but not ignored. Broken,that is, but without too much reckless abandon. (just enough)

nupur-I did actually eat the leftovers for breakfast, cold with hot coffee-barbarian that I am.

ann-I like a bit of sage in some sweet things too. Shuna at Eggbeater has a great recipe for pumpkin pie with sage.

rebecca-aha. another taste in common. not surprised, somehow.

lobstersquad-thanks again for the great recipe. I am loving it on slow-scrambled eggs.


Smuggling your child across the border with forged documents -- what excitement!!

That pizza looks completely delicious. This is so much more my kind of thing than the usual tomatoey pizza.

Lynn D.

What a perfect plate for a sage pizza! You are so clever. I just bought some handcrafted, free range bacon at the farmers' market and have a new sage plant that I haven't killed yet, so this is definitely on the menu. Thanks.

Baking Soda

Rustic is the buzz word for pizza, always! Combination of bacon and cream and onion jam is just right. No other words needed, can't be beat!
Home-made pizza's are a sure hit in this house, I like to make an "assembly line" on the counter for the kids so they can add their own toppings. It is fun to see them choose toppings they otherwise shun from when I assemble theirs... It must be the magic of all the bowls and getting their hands dirty sprinkling. Love yr photo.


I took one look at this entry and picture, and couldn't get it out of my head for days. I finally got to make the pizza last night and it was unbelievably good - thanks so much for sharing. (I bought Onion Marmalade from some absorbitantly priced brand at Whole Foods, praying I would like it enough not to regret it. It was delicious!)


Made the onion jam and it is divine. I keep taking forkfuls of it right from the jar!
Hopefully, there will be enough left for the pizza tonight!

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