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October 13, 2006



I had always been under the impression that making your own soft drinsk was a bit harder than making homemade regular beer, in part because of the exploding problem. I think ideally you're supposed to use plastic bottles (so they have some flexibility for swelling), then refrigerate once they've gotten firm, to stop further fermentation, which can lead to explosion. There are many articles online.


pyewacket-there are a bunch of good articles on line- the most helpful of which seems to be this one- recently suggested by EmmaC: http://www.chow.com/stories/10130

It has a recipe and pretty comprehensive directions I intend to use as a template, once I have my taste-test figured out.

blue plate

i'm enjoying your root beer series and looking forward to the results of your tasting. cheers, blue plate


Did the Gilbreths save and reuse beer and pop bottles, too? I thought I remembered that detail because a collection of odd bottles all containing your brew is part of the appeal, I think. And this might be spoiled by the practical suggestion of plastic bottles . . . Good luck.

And oh, I remember that very edition, with the orange cover and the rather ugly illustrations that are, in a way, perfectly keyed to the slightly caricatured nostalgia of the books . . .


That bottle capper makes possible all sorts of possibilities...

Nicole Fitzhugh

I love your blog! Here's a link to a Taster's Panel from the San Francisco Chronicle sampling widely available commercially brewed root beers that I thought you might find mildly interesting.


I wish you the best of luck with the root beer. I tried making ginger ale once... it didn't explode, luckily, but tastewise? Never again. I continue on my search for good ginger syrups.

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