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January 08, 2007



From now on I will be searching for ways to insert the phrase "precious fungal booty" into conversations!


Wonderful - what a fantastically simple thing to make and eat. It sounds marvelous. I, too, love Jane Grigson... She was an amazing writer.


Lindy, a post like this makes me think you are magic! I'm also a wild lover of mushrooms and potaotes so this sounds like heaven to me. Now I've got to go see if I have any Jane Grigson and get some mushrooms.
Thank you once again.


This is a great idea, thank you for sharing: here in NJ one can get good and relatively cheap mushrooms at Wegmans - oyster for $4.99 and maitake for $9.99 per pound (they also sell several different kinds of tiny potatoes and fingerlings) so i'll try your recipe asap.
Incidentally we also cooked oyster mushrooms this weekend - i tossed them with some excellent ancho chile salsa (from Mustards Grill cookbook) and we grilled them over charcoal - amazingly good!


That´s the best possible news! Laurie Colwin always talks about that book, and I´v never found it. Thanks!


These and the greens with a vinaigrette sound perfect. Why, oh why doesn't my supermarket have reasonably priced oyster mushrooms? I guess I could make do with creminis and button mushrooms?

Jane Grigson is a writer I know of only through Laurie Colwin, and a single piece she wrote about her family's Christmas traditions in an anthology I have. I'm now off to Amazon to check her book out.

Baking Soda

This sounds scrumptious! I love all kinds of fresh funghi {{whispers: I am not so sure about truffel..thinks: maybe a bit overrated?}}


The weather's turned cold and there was a snow flurry here in New Jersey today (January 10.) A friend / neighbor is coming over for dinner tonight. She's a real mushroom maven. "Do you want some oyster mushrooms?" she said. I thought I'd seen them too, low on the trunk of a tree on our road, nice to have it confirmed. Frozen from the weather of course, but she'll thaw them out on her kitchen counter before coming here. And I'll make your mushroom alchemy dish, which we'll enjoy.


Ah, Laurie Colwin! I think she and MFK Fisher were my main influences, in ways I am only beginning to understand. I'm going to check out Jane Grigson, too. Thank you, Lindy, for another literate post.

I like truffles, but they are costly and rare here on the Wisconsin tundra.


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