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March 10, 2007



Wo Wow! That does look super delish to me. I think it's a very good photo, beautifully brown and crispy looking. You did that under the broiler! I'm impressed. Never seen lamb breast but then I never looked for it. I'm liking this dish.


Looks and sounds (reads?) very tasty--and lucky you for finding boneless lamb breast. I bought a piece once, and it was shockingly cheap, but it had bones, and not so much meat in the end--definitely not worth the trouble. I'll have to keep a keener eye out next time, though, because it is tasty meat.


Tanna- thank you. I think it came out looking a little scary in the photo, myself. But it is good.
Renz-Aha- but that's the thing...it doesn't start out boneless- you slide them bones out after the slow cooking- and presto- there's lots of meat there! I've never seen it sold boneless- it would be pretty rough for even a clever butcher to bone it uncooked, I'd think. I didn't make this clear-I'm going to go back and fix that bit.

Lynn D.

Lamb is such a treat. I've seen the breasts before and never knew what to do with them; now I do. Speaking of lamb and cinnamon (in my comment to your Cinnamon squares post), I used to make a delicious Middle Eastern lamb stew from Claudia Roden: lamb, onions, dried apricots and cinnamon. The apricots provided a sort of sour taste that you would get with tkemali.


so lambs breasts are gelatinous?


Hi Lindy
here´s a tag for you, I hope you don´t mind


Ohhhh, this looks luscious. I'm a big, big fan of Simon Hopkinson's (I only have two of his books, Roast Chicken & Other Stories and Gammon & Spinach), and it makes perfect sense to me that he would love this particular recipe of Mrs. David's. It almost makes me wish for another cold snap. :)


I still haven't gotten around to the pigs' feet, alas. Now I can keep an eye out for lamb breast in the market so that I can sigh about one more thing that I don't have time to make just now. Did you use your standard cole slaw recipe?


My Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother used to be a big fan of both lamb and veal breast (you know how frugal those dutchmen are!). I love the idea of the mustard and crumbs; I sometimes coat chicken with something similar but it would probably go better with a meat that has a more assertive flavor.


I bought some lamb breasts today for $.99 a pound. Looking forward to trying this recipe


I've just tried this with a more Asian bent in regards to added flavours and it was truly delicious - well worth the effort and for the cost of lamb breast (extremely cheap in England) it made all the more worthwhile. Thank-you!

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