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June 10, 2007



Oh, Lindy that looks lovely and has all the right ingredients. Nice one.


I haven't attempted a souffle yet. This sounds do-able and very tasty. Will give it a shot!


The recipe sounds wonderful, but I am losing sleep over the apostrophe in the title. Is "garlic 'scape" a shortened form of "garlic escape," "garlic landscape," "garlic dreamscape," or "garlic seascape"?


Thanks, Tanna-it was good.
And easy, too, Wendy-do give it a try and let me know how it goes.
anapestic-I'll never tell. You may, if you wish, interpret this to mean that I kind of forget what I had in mind. I believe it had something to do with escaping, which, you may have noticed, is what I'm trying to do here. oopsie.

:: Suzanne ::

Thanks! You've just settled my "what's for dinner?" question.

Lynn D.

Since I've always found these little garlic buds pretty fiery, perhaps they are fire escapes.

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