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October 20, 2007


Lynn D.

I have never made a tart tatin, but I second your recommendation of the Golden D. for baking and cooking. I once saw Jacques Pepin pitch them on tv for this purpose and now I never use anything else.


Lynn- I think J. Pepin may have been my original source on the GD apple, too. I heard him speak last year, and once I adjusted to his still quite heavy accent, found him just as admirable, entertaining, and generous a fellow as I had imagined. Also, he is very, very smart.


Dorrie Greenspan was featured on All Things Considered Friday night making a Tart Tatin with Michele Morris. It's a fun little piece of radio cooking; although it makes it sound like it takes a lot less than an hour to cook those apples initially, so thanks for the heads up. It's always good anticipate how long something like that's gonna take (lest it's past the kids bedtime and they are still asking, "When's dessert?"

The audio clip is found at the top of the page. Link is:

Thanks for your always enjoyable posts. They are always so nearly as satisfying as the food itself.


I'm impressed! Tarte tatin is my personal nemesis; I have NEVER successfully made one. Either the apples have burned or they've disintegrated completely or the crust has ended up a soggy mess...

I'm bookmarking this, however, for the day I gather enough courage to attempt it again. Just out of curiosity, where do you fall on the short vs. puff pastry debate?


Elizabeth-Must check this out, as I am a Dorie G fan, bigtime. It may be that her method just takes less time on the stove, mine cooks very slowly, over a very low flame.
Melissa-This way is very easy- just a little time-consuming. I think I prefer a puff pastry with it- but either is fine. (This is my one and only easy-going aspect on this recipe.)


Your picture of the finished tarte tatin looks perfectly delicious.

I've been eyeing a tarte tatin recipe of Anya von Bremzen's and even bought gala apples (her recommendation) in anticipation of making it. But reading this makes me think I should try it first with golden delicious apples. Anything to boost my chances of success.


I'm a bit ashamed to admit that despite cohabiting with my apple-dessert-loving mate for more than 4 years now, I have yet to make a tarte tatin. Now I can see that I simply must.


I'm a bit ashamed to admit that despite cohabiting with my apple-dessert-loving mate for more than 4 years now, I have yet to make a tarte tatin. Now I can see that I simply must.


I'm a bit ashamed to admit that despite cohabiting with my apple-dessert-loving mate for more than 4 years now, I have yet to make a tarte tatin. Now I can see that I simply must.

the chocolate lady (eve)

Whadaya talkinabout? Your pictures are beautiful!


Thanks Julie-I'm sure the A.v.B. recipe is excellent- she's wonderful.
The other Julie-I am apple-dessert-loving too, and this is my very favorite.
Eve- thank you, you are very kind. I was actually talikng about my indoor pictures, which are few, and by far the worst of the lot. Usually, I take my food on to the porch to photograph, and I feel like I do okay in natural light- though my neighbors must think I'm bonkers.
But when- as here with the uncooked apples in the pan- I have to do them indoors, with a flash, they go all hinky. I mean-look at that-ugh-jaundiced.


I always thought Tarte Tatin was a very complicated thing to make. In fact, the very idea of attempting one makes me nervous -- possibly because it requires one to make pastry, and something about making pastry turns my hands to lead whenever I try, or possibly because of the flipping involved and the risk that an errant flip would result in my tarte landing at Milo-level. You make it sound so easy, though! Is there a particular pastry you'd recommend using?


Tania-I'm sure you will be able to make excellent pastry- but if you are not in the mood- this is a perfect place to cheat. I do this often with the tatin. Buy some ready-made, good quality puff pastry (Trader Joe's has really nice all-butter ready-made in the freezer area- it is excellent, much better than the rather oily Pepperidge Farm stuff.). And do the inversion (clad in 2 oven mitts)- over a very clean sink. Then, if you lose a few bits, you can capture them, and slide them back into place. They fit back in nicely, and no one will know. Except us, of course.

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