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June 28, 2009


Lynn D.

I am very fond of your posts about humble homemade baked goods and enjoyed rereading about Bubie's and Uncle Ted's cakes as well. It's almost like having morning coffee and a little something with a neighbor. I keep meaning to try golden delicious apples in baking, but usually use the unknown-name apples from the tree in the next yard. The cake I make is similar to your Uncle Ted's and freezes well in smaller portions.


I've been making this cake for years, since the Paris Cookbook was first published. I've never had anything but rave reviews when I serve it to guests, but there are seldom leftovers. As a clafoutis affectionardo, I loved this cake before I ever made it ... anything custardy lights my fire, so to speak, and this cake hits the spot.

I find it's perfect for dessert, with or without a little vanilla ice-cream, for afternoon tea - for breakfast or mid-morning with coffee.

It's not the best looking cake in the universe, but - oh my .... it's certainly yummy. I get requests for this all the time.


Baking Soda

Golden Delicious is my kids favourite! I planted an apple tree 3 years ago and only now there's fruit; mini apples promising to grow into real ones!
Love apple tart/cake/pie so this one is bookmarked


Hello Lynn- It's good to hear from you. I will email in the near future-I could use some of that morning coffee, myself.

Foodelf-I also use the Tart Tatin recipe from that book, which is very good. I particularly like the way she explains how to deal with setting up the apples so that as they cook and shrink, they fall into place neatly, and look pretty once upended. Most importantly, however, it is delicious!

Karen- That is so exciting, the first fruit from a fruit tree you planted yourself is my idea of a real thrill.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop

Perfect snack for my kids.Since i am collecting recipe for my kids.So that i can serve nutritious food.



Im gonna give this a try for my wife. Suprise her :-)


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this is a delecious apple cake, I always loved apple pies and apple cakes, thank you for the recipe and the books

Danny DeMichele Entrepreneur

I keep meaning to try golden delicious apples in baking, but usually use the unknown-name apples from the tree in the next yard.Thanks for the information on blog.

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I am really nuts for all kinds of apple cakes and pies. There is no better dessert than a classic tart tatin, and a slew of other apple tarts and pies.

Apple cake

It is very nice to hear from you that your very crazy about apples like me.. I usually try some recipies out of apples..http://www.vivamagonline.com/index.php Hope this apple cake will give a better taste to my preparation..

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This is very delicious apple cake, I always loved apple pies and apple cakes. And I think this is a damn yummiest dish I've had after a long span of time.

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I couldn't agree with you more! And thanks for the blog award! I'm just thrilled to receive this award from you. I'll be sure to keep this blog an interesting place for my awesome readers, such as yourself, to keep coming back to!

Mark Roger

Hi, This is very delicious apple cake. I am appreciate for efforts Apple Lady Apple Cake.i am collecting recipe for my kids.So that i can serve nutritious food.


This cake looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing recipe.


That cake is just perfect. Thanks for the recipe.


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