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January 06, 2011



I am so sorry to hear about the recent news from your doctor. Sadly, almost one of every four older Americans has diabetes. Your fortitude, aplomb and quest for yummy walnut bread are just what is called for under the circumstances. Bravo!

Dr Alice

Glad to hear from you - and it sounds like you are coping extremely well with your recent diagnosis (certainly better than a lot of MY patients). Congratulations on the new granddaughter!


Oh, I miss Toast so much. I really miss your writing, since it's the best I've read on a blog. I hope you'll share your bread-baking adventures, since I'm always delighted to discover a new post from you. I'd offer my sympathies on your diagnosis, but you don't seem to need any sympathy. So perhaps a tentative welcome back instead?


Thank you. I am currently looking for my camera, which is MIA, and have some more to tell. The bread is, thus far, entirely terrible.
I had failed to consider the now obvious possibility that the slight bitterness of whole wheat flour, sourness of sourdough, and tannins in the masses of walnuts might be, when combined, overkill.
There have, however, been other experiments more successful. Must find the camera, and intend to return.

toast fan

As someone who has read your blog since before I moved to pgh 4.5 years ago, and as a former professional baker, I'd be happy to help you make awesome non-white bread. It can be done! I actually thought about contacting you years ago when you rightly complained of no good bread around these parts.

Seriously, contact me if you want some hands-on help.

Potion Lotion

As usual you've done a great job,The family looks cute and loving... Especially the all- ready small sister is too cute,The picture shows pure mother's love... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpV5bFP657I Thanks a lot..


Hi Lindy! I love your blog so very much. I was happy to see a new post, though it is, now, quite old. I wonder if you would like some of the almond flour breads out there. Elana's Pantry (elanaspantry) has some high protein/low glycemic baked goods. Best to you!


I miss you and I hope that in the time since this post you've been exploring Pittsburgh's excellent bike paths, all fit for recumbents - Jail Trail, Southside, Schenley, North Shore and, my absolute favorite, the Yough trail!!!


Reading this I realize how much I miss reading your blog. Glad to hear you are well. Your granddaughters are absolutely beautiful!

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