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May 24, 2005



Hi Lindy,
Have just been reading your blog - such a treat. I think you are very wise to not have tried to make a living with food - I love to bake and actually bought a bakery but couldn't make a go of it in Estes Park, CO - too seasonal. But I still love to bake. Good luck with this - I have added Toast to my favorites so will be keeping track of you.

I've been looking into CSA's here in Colorado but don't see any very close - did find one who delivers to my area so may check that out. Do you split a share with someone or try to use the whole share?



Annie- thanks. My farmer does different sizes of shares, and, if you like, you can have one only every other week. I did that one year, but it wasn't quite enough veggies for me. So now I do a whole small share. I have company to dinner alot, but I'm still often overcome with lettuce.

Jason Marz

I've just found your blog and I am very interested in it. The name attracted me to you. I LOVE TOAST!!!!!!!!!!

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