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June 24, 2005



I vote for tie-dying - the one on the right does have white stuff going down her arm but the one on the left has a completely white hand or is wearing a glove - not sure - maybe that hand doesn't even belong to her - could belong to the middle girl. Your Digger's Cabbage Soup is appealing - perhaps more as a winter dish - and probably very economical to make. Have you kept in touch with any of your roommates from your schooldays in Wisconsin??


I always forget that most other people do not eat hot soup in 90 degree weather.

Actually, I just saw one of my friends who lived in the Madison house. Probably it was seeing her that brought the Digger soup to mind. She was in Pittsburgh for a family wedding last weekend. But she was also a close friend from high school days and from our old neighborhood-we wound up at Wisconsin at the same time.


I love this recipe. thanks for your blog!
I live in Madison and long for another taste of a Guerilla Cookie!
I tried to imitate the cookie recently but failed.
I will keep trying though!

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