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June 04, 2005



I love your food writing and your daughter's!


Thank you maia. (My daughter is the lovely and clever redfox of the hungry tiger. Clearly, I should have made this a link. Despite the best long-distance efforts of redfox, I am not managing to write html properly yet. Thus, anyone who does not already know her webblog will need to go to the link section of mine to find it. Do.)


For your future reference, typing <a href="http://www.stuttercut.org/hungry">the hungry tiger</a> generates a link. ("a" is short for "anchor", "href" is short for "hypertext reference", not that either of these explanations really will make them easier to remember.)


Or at least that's the way one should do it, but Typepad seems to have sensibly disabled the normal methods to prevent people from turning your lovely Toast into a billboard for casinos and mortgage refinancing.


Lovely soup. Good usage of lettuce.

I subscribed to a weekly organic farmbox for about 2 months. I ended up giving it up because, during the winter, most of their offerings were micro greens and mesclun mix. There is only so much of it I can eat and when I realize I was throwing away half of the contents of the box, I had to discontinue.

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