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June 25, 2005



Oh, Lindy, this post has everything. A fellow strawberry crank, a farm box, Christine-Ferber-based technique, a picture of fruit in beautiful fruit in one of those sweet little half-pint jars. All this from one of my most favorite cities on earth. (I am a Chatham College graduate, so I spent a *lot* of time stomping around Squirrel Hill.)

Many thanks for the link, btw. As soon as I finish writing my post for Is My Blog Burning? you had better believe I'll be linking. And I'll be back, too. :)


I'm amazed that you actually receive strawberries in your farm box however small the quantity - I can just imagine the resulting strawberry/rhubarb syrup on some oatmeal buttermilk pancakes some Sunday morning next winter.


Bakerina-I really enjoy your blog, and think you have a very distinctive voice.
Re the 'burgh- I am thinking about posting on shopping in the Strip at lunch hour.
Re Chatham-know it well, as my father, brother,late spouse, daughter (redfox of the hungry tiger), and I all worked at the summer Music and Arts Camp there at various times.


Strawberries can be very slow to set since they are so low in pectin. One old recipe I have gives directions for sun-cooked strawberry preserves (strawberries and sugar set in a shallow pan, covered with a pane of glass propped up a little, and set out in the sun durring the day, brought in at night - not that we've had much sun over here east of the Delaware River in NJ.Bottle after 3 or 4 days. Recipe says it can take a couple of weeks before the bottled preserves actually set.


Does this mean that this may yet jell? That would certainly be dandy (although I fear I am beyond the "couple of weeks" already.) I live in hope.

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