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June 11, 2005



These shortbread look delicious. I've never tasted lavender cookies, but I centainly am curious. I also like the fact that the recipe is small. Nice picture and wonderful writing.


Thanks, Ana. They kind of taste a little bit peppery, and a little bit flowery. I'm fond of them.


What a lovely entry and the cookies look pretty darn good too! Sounds like my late Nanny and now my Mom who is 77 but still at home. When I finally realized that she was not going through a phase but really had no interest in cooking, I was disturbed. Since then I have realized that she is in a new phase and it is normal howbeit one I am not at yet. She is shedding the debris of the years slowly but surely and becoming lighter and more translucent for the journey ahead. I hope it is not for many years but eventually she will go home. Watching this with two women I love has become a lesson for me in what is more or less important in life. I think it has also prepared me to some extent for when the signs start to point that way for me. In the meantime, I also make little foods for Mom that she likes. They also help smooth the journey. Keep up the good writing!

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