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June 27, 2005



Lindy - I can't tell you - this is just such a fabulous and unique entry - it's so cool-looking. I have an orange Kitchen Aid so I am thinking a set just as this would look great sitting nearby in my kitchen. And as for the Messermeister - you are only the second entry and already it has it's second mention so it's already benn marked on my 'must have' list.
Thanks for joining in. Depending on the magnitude of the response, I hope to create a round-up shopping list from all the great entries by sometime next week.


Thanks, Sam. You will love the peeler. I am seriously jealous about the orange KitchenAid.


What a great blog. The existence of food blogs hadn't occurred to me before but now it has, and Toast is my first, I'm sure I'll enjoy as much as you obviously do.
Your style is reminiscent of both my friend Lindesay, the person who described lollo rosso as being a "snappy dresser but a terrible conversationalist"; and Tarquin Winot from "A debt to pleasure". Both compliments in my book I can reassure you!



Lindy, thanks for the Messermeister peeler tip - went to Sur La Table last evening and picked up two - one for me and one for my friend who caters. I have to agree it does a good job on tomatoes - that's all I've peeled so far.


Marko- I was unaware of Tarquin Winot. Checked it out- and I definitely need to read this, the book sounds very clever. But the character himself-he sounds kind of sinister, Marko.


Annie- Actually, tomatoes, peaches, nectarines...I don't think I've tried anything else with it. But it's well worth it for the tomatoes alone, to me. Enjoy it.

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