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July 29, 2005



In years when I make marzipan for Christmas, I'll typically start by blanching a two-pound bag of almonds. It is, as you say, not especially difficult work, but it takes a while, and I have a tendency to get careless, which leads to pressing down on an almond with too much force, causing it to shoot across the room when it slips free from its skin.




I loved reading this post Lindy. You really write well and are a joy to read. This seems to me like a lot of work. I might eat the almonds one by one as I prepare them (besides, I love eating warm nuts even without salt) but I might give this a try one day.


Both Whole Foods and the cheese shop in the Waterworks Giant Eagle have Marcona almonds now -- not cheap (of course), but occasionally necessary.


might-Were they raw? I did see them once at Whole Foods, but they were already roasted and salted, I think.


I love reading your blog, it transports me.

I never blanch any nuts anymore, one long afternoon rubbing hazelnuts together and I gave up. Pre-blanched all the way. LOL.


Hazelnuts, aka filberts, are impossible. Almonds are much, much easier, hence the shooting across the room problem noted by anapestic.

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