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July 03, 2005



It is my belief that the Strip is the nexus of the universe. There are few places I love better, and, truthfully, I can't think of where they are right now.

One of my favorite things about the Strip is that all of this wonderful stuff is within walking distance of each other. In New York, if you want to buy lime leaves, kefalotyri cheese, African bird peppers and yogurt soda, you have to be willing to hop on and off the subway a lot, which is great if you're planning your entire day around food market crawling, but not so much if you're pressed for time. In the Strip, you can get all of this stuff on two blocks. And I've also found stuff in the Strip that I couldn't find in New York, like curried gluten. (It's a long story; the curried-gluten phase of my life is long past, but once upon a time there was a curried-gluten phase, and I used to stock up on my trips to Pittsburgh.)

Incidentally, I don't know if it's totally naff to admit this, but I *love* those Rick Sebak documentaries. :)


Actually, I love curried gluten, believe it or not. Strange.
And I also am fond of the Sebak series- I think Strip Show is a particularly good one.


What is the secret to cutting mangoes more tidily? I always waste so much!


Heath- I think there may be a new answer to this question. I understand that Oxo is going to be (or perhaps recently has) come out with a special mango cutting tool, which is supposed to work very well.
I previously was the recipient of the following good advice: As the seed is horizontal and slim, it is best to make 4 original cuts. The first two are longitudinal, as close to either side of the pit as you can get. Then you cut off the top and bottom, and set the seed aside.
Next, you score the cut pieces into squares, all the way down to the skin. If the mango is quite ripe, you can press on the outside of the skin to invert the long halves, making it easy to slice your little squares off. In any event, you then slice off the little squares. There will be some nice mango clinging to the pit. The cook gets to slurp this up, alone in the kitchen.
I hope this description makes sense to you- I am somewhat spatial-relations impaired.

I am considering getting one of the Oxo gizmos.

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