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July 09, 2005



I share your fascination with OPK--Other People's Kitchens. (One of my favorite things about your blog is your frequent mention of cooking utensils that are of particular usefulness or are otherwise valuable to you. Very interesting.) I recently had my first brush with an internet persona as part of a website my friends made called Crying while Eating. The whole thing got a little out of hand, but part of what I like about my (completely fake, by the way--no need to worry) clip is that my kitchen looks so nice in it! If you're interested to see, go to www.cryingwhileeating.com, and scroll down the page to "Erin."
Thanks for the blog--I read it regularly and must thank you for the delicious chocolate thyme cake, which I will make even thymier next thyme. I mean time.


Your kitchen is so sunny-it appears to be on a very high floor. It is looking good. Sorry to hear the ,er, bad news about your fake penpal, Erin.

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