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July 01, 2005



I love chutneys and so does my husband. I have always wanted to make watermelon rind pickles but the rest of my family goes *gaaahh* every time I mention it. Since, as you pointed out, watermelons are rather large I don't fancy finding myself with 16 pints of pickles that no one will eat. This chutney recipe, on the other hand, is more intriguing and will surely pass muster. I'll have to scavenge the rinds from the 4th of July festivities this weekend.

P.S. We love cilantro and grow it in the garden. My only peeve is that it is never ready at the same time as the tomatoes for making cilantro salsa.


Oh, this is the best idea! I've been noshing on watermelon all weekend and was contemplating saving the rinds for pickles, but every time I think about making it, I lose my nerve, thinking I'll be the sole consumer of gallons of pickles. Chutney, though -- chutney is a friendly condiment. It loves everything, everything loves it. I will definitely be turning some of this out. Lindy, you're brilliant. :)

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