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August 02, 2005



I'm might try this with arugula - do you think that would be good or is arugula too spicy?? Arugula is all I have in the house at the moment - I have cooked navy beans that I did over the weekend, so I'll use those.



Annie-Arugula is more peppery than bitter, I think. (I love it.) I have never used it on its own in this way. I did put a bit in with the rapini last time I made that, and it was a very nice touch. I think it might be a different sort of taste than bitter greens in this. But maybe a good one.


The bitter greens and beans recipe sounds delicious. Re. brussels sprouts, I have been living off them this week, par-boiled for about 2 minutes and then added to stirfry vegetables, rice and soy sauce. I think a touch of chilli would improve the taste of the sprouts too.


What a great idea. I will definitely try this. Rapini is one of my favourite greens. We Portuguese eat it just barely cooked as a side to boiled fish plate (boiled whiting, boiled potatoes, boile egg, boiled rapini) the whole thing seasoned with plain olive oil. Delicious.

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