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August 06, 2005



Even though I work primarily with Indian-ish food at my spice blog, I am learning so precious much about other culinary cultures in the process.
My biog-comrade Trina's fiance is half-Vietnamese, and from him, I learn so much about a Vibrant way of eating so different from how I grew up...

Lynn D.

Believe it or not I had my first banh mi yesterday in Portland. I had been wanting to try one for years. We met our son for lunch and he suggested an Asian place we ultimately couldn't find. I spotted a banh mi place along the way and in desperation we gave it a try. It was absolutely first rate. They had about 12 different kinds and lucky for my son two vegetarian options (egg and tofu). The tofu was great; I had the more classic kind with pork and pate, my husband the lemongrass chicken.Subsequent research tells me that we accidentally stumbled upon the best banh mi in Portland. They make their own bread. Can't wait to go back.

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