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August 01, 2005



I love your stories from your childhood - it would appear that your memory is much better than mine. And I'm still in awe of your farm boxes - you certainly made good use of your windfall apples. This recipe has a unique process to it - I've not done a recipe where you actually fill the dough this way - can you test for doneness the traditional way with a toothpick - I live at altitude so baking often takes longer here.


Annie- It is more like a pie in that sense, with the grated apple insides, so that the problem may be getting the inside done without cooking the dough exterior too much.It does take a long time to cook, even at lower altitudes, and you don't want the innards to be crunchy! Maybe it would be good to wrap the outside of the dough with a little foil, cook it even longer, and take the foil off near the end to let it brown up?

I haven't had personal experience with high altitude cooking. As a teenager, I spent a summer in Hailey, Idaho with my family. We lived in a cottage in town, while my father taught at a music camp nearby. I didn't do any of the cooking, but my mother was often foiled by the differences, cooking in the mountains. This was more than balanced out, however, by regular gifts of fresh trout from sports fishermen, many of whom didn't like fish!

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