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August 20, 2005



Hi Neighbor . . . I recognized this photo and then read to find we live only blocks away from one another. Your blog looks tasty and adventurous - Eating-wise, I'm an enthusiastic omnivour with a kind of anti-snob axe to grind. But I think that goes for other tastes too, now that I've written it down.

I'll be back. And I invite you to visit my blog, where I've photoed Del's Antipasto, complained about vegetarians and asked for veg delivery advice. I'm going to check out your Kretschmann link right now . . . Thanks!!


Hi Lindy!
I came here via Indira's blog. I'm SO excited to see a food blogger from Pitssburgh and Squirrel Hill no less. A block from the entrance to the parkway? We are practically neighbors. Is that house in the picture on Pocusset St by any chance?

I'm going to visit your blog often.


Hi I am the owner of the two homes you wrote about in Squirrel Hill. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading what you wrote, and that you hit the nail on the head about what is going on there.


My grandmother owns the home with the garden. My parents live next door so I grew up on the "farm" I really enjoyed the story you wrote. Ambrogio corner is a very special place and I have the best memeories growing up their. And yes we are Italian and we do have a very large family and everything that grows in the garden is eaten by family and friends.


Joe and Gina- I'm so glad you enjoyed the story, I was excited to hear from you! I love to walk past the farm every day, and am glad to know that it is "Ambrogio corner". I agree that it is a very special place!

Another place I'm curious about on Monitor Street is the one with the rural type mailbox on the street, and a stony path that goes up the hill to what looks like a very big house, behind the ones that front on Monitor. As you have known the street for a long time- I wonder if you know what that house is, or who lives there? It doesn't look like it has another street on the other side of it-very secluded.

I live in the apartments up on the hill, further up the street..on the same side, near Shady-one of the ones with the porches, though I'm off tomorrow for 2 weeks to visit family in England.
Thanks so much for writing!


The house you inquired about belongs to a wonderful family. The Bulger's. If you are a football fan you might remember hearing the name Marc Bulger he's the quarterback for the St Louis Rams. Marc is one of five children that grew up in the home with the rural mailbox.

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