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August 17, 2005


chubby cat

Okra (I came to know them initially as "ladies fingers") are funny things and need to be handled quite gently i find. Overcook them and it turns into a slimy mush. I love okra, in a rich fish curry, or fried into an egg omelette. Will have to give your recipe a try! :)


Ladies' fingers of a very different sort than the sponge cake type I'm familiar with! Where is it that okra is called by this name?
I do agree they must not be overcooked.

I had not thought to try okra in an omlette, but that sounds good to me. I think they will go well with eggs.

Recently, in a market, I saw some really giant okras, and were told they were called "cowhorns", or something like that. I nearly bought a few, but I was afraid they looked like they might be pretty tough. (They were nearly 8" long!)


When I was growing up, my grandmother grew okra in her large Texas garden. The smallest pods were the most tender. As a child, I would eat them only when dipped in cornmeal and fried crisp; they are now one of my favorite vegetables, though oddly difficult to find in Seattle. This recipe sounds wonderful... if I find okra at the farmers' market tomorrow, this is what I'll do with it.

chubby cat

I'm not sure if the moniker is used anywhere else, but most certainly in Singapore and Malaysia where I grew up. Haven't seen any overly large okras, the ones we get here in Oz (and Singapore/Malaysia) are about 4 - 5" in length.


You will be pleased to know that I made this recipe this very weekend. It is great, though I found it a bit more fiddly than I expected making sure that the spices got into the slits -- they really wanted to stay stuck closed! Any tricks?


I haven't really got any hints on this, I'm afraid. Actually, I must admit that I just toss the pods around well and assume the spices are getting in there somehow. I love okra this way.


You know, I've been an 'Indian foodie' for years, thinking I was oh so adventurous with all the spices....

I've sidestepped the okra. I think because I've heard rumors of it being fussy to cook with (???).

But you make me realize that I need to confront the okra, I MUST confront the okra-- once and for all.

I just may post the results someday at my Indian spice blog Naughty Curry at naughtycurry.com

Suvir Saran

Thanks for cooking from my book.
Please email me at chef@suvir.com if you ever need any recipes.
Glad to see you use the book.
FYI: The samosas you made using peas and potatoes look very very delicious and sound amazing.

Thanks for sharing your culinary experiences with us online.

Suvir Saran

Suvir Saran

And if anyone wants the recipe for my restaurants most famous dish, the Crispy Okra, please email me. I can send it your way.
It won the TIME OUT award for the best vegetable.

chef@suvir.com is the email.

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