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August 04, 2005



I would argue that trying to define the difference between a paté and a meatloaf is pointless because on the one hand, they are the same thing, while on the other, they are completely different, and it is always immediately apparent which of the two you are dealing with. (This somehow reminds me of the essential sameness of Unitarians, who believe that salvation is irrelevant, and Universalists, who believe that everyone has it without having to do anything, but any similarity between paté/meatloaf and Unitarian Universalism is no doubt an artifact of my fevered brain, though I did once bring a large meatloaf to a UU potluck and have it mistaken for a paté.)

I am absolutely making this recipe the next time my partner is out of town. He would give me one of those are-you-off-your-meds looks if he saw me making it, but he would surely be pleased to taste it when presented with the fait accompli.


I like the idea. It is worth a try.

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