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September 18, 2005



Lindy have you ever tried drying tomatoes? If you have do let me know how it went. I am really keen to try sun drying tomatoes in a solar cooker. Will it just beconme a mush? Or should I just spread them out in the sun?

shuna fish lydon

you are much more adventurous than I, but I will sign up on the fan club of this book, yes! I love the little walnut cookies in this yellow masterpiece and sometimes I just read the recipes to take me to a place I have never inhabited.


Your tomato confit sounds wonderful, Lindy. Though the flavor of the green tomato jam with ginger than I made is nice, it's a little too sweet for my taste. Were I making it again, I'd cut back on the sugar by 20-25%, or perhaps use fresh rather than crystallized ginger. Of course, the fact that I put in almost twice the amount of ginger called for in the recipe may have been the problem. (It was the last of the bag, and at the time didn't seem worth saving.)

I look forward to seeing what you decided to make with your green tomatoes... especially as I just got another few pounds of them, and have to do something with them in the next couple of days.


The cookbook looks lovely but tomato jam is something I remember hating when I was a kid. Looking forward to your baked "fried green tomatoes". My two tomato plants are producing like crazy. Next year I'll plant only one.


Thanks for sharing! I also have my favorite cookery book - Huge collection of recipies ( http://file.sh/huge+collection+of+recipies+torrent.html ), hope you will also like and use it!

Kathy Cochran

Hello, I have loved "Cuisine of the Sun" for years and years. (Edition of 1979) But on page 130 there is a loveley recipe for Squid with Mushrooms and Peppers that has an omission in it - it neglects to say how to cook the squid and when to add it to the mushrooms and peppers. Has anyone else noticed this?


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