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September 14, 2005



Elderflower elixer--reminds me of a perfect day in summer 2001 (the age of innocence), sitting on a friend's porch in Sweden enjoying lemonade sweetened with elderberry syrup. That same summer another friend sent me home with a bottle of Hallands Fl├Ąder, a sweet elderflower liqueur, which I've been hoarding unopened ever since. I'm not a big fan of syrupy drinks, but now that I think about it I'll bet it would make a fabulous Swedish kir.

IKEA's elderflower syrup isn't bad, but it's not very concentrated. A surprise gift of D'Arbo elderflower syrup (made in Austria) gave me that rush of memory, and it's so potent that more than a year later I can still sniff the refrigerated dregs and get a rush. Worth the inflated price if you really want that elderflower perfume.

Thanks for your wonderful blog!


Thanks, Susan. I think I saw the D'Arbo somewhere during my internet searches. I'll try to find and try it when I've used this up.


I have heard that there are studies demonstrating that elderberries (and other parts of the plant, I believe) are effective in lessening the frequency and severity of colds. I have wanted to make elderberry jam, but no luck so far. The plants are said to be relatively common in the wild in this part of the country, but I never see them.


Another source in the U.S.:

Belvoir Elderflower Cordial 37.5ml $8

It should also be a concentrate but I can't say how concentrated - in the UK the Thorncroft version suggests diluting 12:1; the D'arbo listing below says 6:1.

D'arbo 50cl $16


The Belvoir site suggests 8:1

And that should of course read 37.5 cl


Some recent comments here have disappeared-perhaps as a result of the recent Typepad server problems. Rest assured, I haven't deleted them!


I can vouch for the Belvoir, though I was used to drinking the Thorncroft. Quite good, though maybe not quite as concentrated as the Thorncroft. Nice to be able to get it in the US.

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