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September 23, 2005



I mourn with you the loss of green-ness. I made green tomato chutney last week with tomatoes from the farmers market. I hoped that the reduced amount of sugar in the chutney would mean more green, but the recipe called for brown sugar, and currants, so the result was a dark-spotted pale olive preserve.

I finally bought a copy of Mes Confitures yesterday, and I'm so excited to try out some of the recipes. Next weekend: pears and figs!


Figs. I am envious.
I did make one thing that is staying green:
Kosher style green tomato brine pickles- they were very easy,I love them, and the color is unchanged.
I'm thinking about a recipe for green tomato mincemeat(for my vegetarian kin) for the rest of the tomatoes, but they are starting to turn pink on me, and the weekend is over.
I'm looking forward to reading of your pears and figs.

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