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September 28, 2005



This is the THIRD blogpost I've read with a wonderful green tomato recipe. It is killing me to be in the middle of a move and not able to harvest my own garden this fall. I have big, big plans for the backyard of the house I'm moving into, and I'm bookmarking this recipe for next summer. Thanks!


I wonder whether you could cut the green tomatoes into rough dice and freeze them until you felt like making the mincemeat. They wouldn't last indefinitely that way, of course, but it might buy you some time. It's been a while since I looked at a green tomato mincemeat recipe, and I don't remember how much structural integrity the tomatoes need to keep.


You can feel free to give me the red tomato jam recipe any time you like!


ms red fox: It is at the very end of the Cuisine of the Sun post.


Yes, Lindy, knackered does have a rather gruesome equine connection. From Merriam Webster: Knacker (n) - a buyer of worn-out domestic animals or their carcasses for use especially as animal food or fertilizer. I remember some reference to horses being bought by a knacker in a book I read as a child; I was horrified.

It took me a while to figure out what I was seeing in your photo; no, that's not seaweed, it's dill. The pickles sound wonderful, but I think I'm done with green tomatoes for this year.


Kimberly-Thanks. I wonder if I once knew about this, and it remains in my subconscious, or if the word just sounds as if that's what it means. Anyway, I didn't feel quite that tired.




Knacker actually has two equestrian meanings. One defintion of a knacker is "a person who purchases or hauls away livestock carcasses for processing into tallow, hides, fertilizer, etc." Old horses that have outlived their usefulness are also referred to as knackers, indicating their readiness for the knackery or rendering facility.

J. Hoogstrate

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