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September 30, 2005



I love these cookies, and the whole book, of course. I don't have a source for really good walnuts, partly because my roots are in the south, and I generally find the pecan to be the superior nut (redfox and I have differed on this subject in the past, I believe), but these cookies are very good even with walnuts that are merely adequate.


anapestic-Pecans are spectacular, but perhaps less neutral or versatile, to my mind, than walnuts.

Both are particularly good subjects for the Incredible Nut Trick, whereby any unadorned raw nut toasted in the oven magically becomes 10X as good as it was prior to toasting. This is one of my very favorite unsecret tricks of the cook.It never ceases to amaze me.

Although I didn't do it here, I often toast whole nuts before baking with them, even when a recipe doesn't traditionally call for this step. And man, nothing beats a toasted pecan.

shuna fish lydon

Lindy, thank you for the nice mention! I made these cookies in quantity in the spring and I did some fun experimenting. I rolled the balls in sugar before baking them. I used raw and white and liked them both, but the raw sugar, (demerera is nice as well), echoed the caramel flavour of the cooked butter/walnut combination.

A note on pecans-- they are more oily and produce a more tender finished product. I have a pecan shortbread recipe that melts in the mouth like no other nut cookie! And of course there's a reason why no one makes buttered walnut ice cream...


these remind me of something i made earlier this year, mario batali's recipe for walnut shortbread (http://fromthepantry.blogspot.com/2005/06/walnut-shortbread.html)

for some reason my shortbread came out a lot darker- perhaps because i added brown sugar. at any rate, your cookies look wonderful!


tanvi- I'll bet they were darker partly because the walnuts were toasted in yours- that might have made them taste more intensely walnut-y, too.
Next time I make these cookies, I think I will try rolling them in demarara before baking. Sounds good.
On the other hand, my mother pronounced these her "favorite cookie", so maybe I should leave them as is when I make them for her!

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