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September 26, 2005



And frankly, your story doesn't bode well for the Deli either. Which I was approaching slowly, as I do all restaurants in Pittsburgh . . .


Mediterra is tough to get to, it's in an industrial park off Parkway West. But they have a storefront in the Strip which I believe is open Fri/Sat.

We use Mediterra Bakehouse exclusively for our panini and bagels (they use a traditional water bagel recipe which is uncommon around these parts - great texture). For the panini we're currently using Mt. Athos and both the plain and onion ciabattini. We're adding a panini built from the rosemary foccaccia later this month.

You can also get Mediterra breads at Uncommon Market on the Mt. Lebo/Bethel Park line on Rte. 19. They've usually got the Mt. Athos, rosemary focaccia, Paisano loafs, Farm loaf and ciabatta on hand.

I think Nick mentioned that they're also in Whole Foods now.

I moved here from the Northeast and had a hard time with the Mancini legacy around here... found Breadworks to be OK, but when Nick opened Mediterra, that was like manna from heaven. Couldn't recommend it more highly.


Thanks Rich- I'll make the effort to get to the strip on a Friday or Saturday-I usually do my shopping there on weekday lunchtimes, hopping a bus from work. So I never spotted it. This is really good news! Do you know approx. where in the strip it is?
Their website said it was carried at Prestogeorge, but I stopped in, and didn't find it there.
I had a look at your website, and Aldo's sounds great. I am not often in Mt. Lebabon. as I live in Squirrel hill, work downtown, and don't have a car. But next time I am there, I will be certain to visit your fine looking place. Thanks again for the hint.


Oh, Lindy,

I was lucky enough to snag a Mediterra baguette on my last trip to Pittsburgh in 2003. It was easily one of the best loaves I'd ever eaten, and it gave me hope that there was a market in Pittsburgh for the kind of bread I wanted to make. But it sounds like it's still an uphill climb, getting folks who use Mancini's as the gold standard to take a darker, chewier bread seriously.

(Not to dump on Mancini's further, but, um, I will: Do they still have their second retail outlet in the Strip? The people I met there were very nice, and they obviously love their jobs, but oh, those pale beige crusts! For an eggshell, it's a nice shade; for a crust, not so much.)


Well... they HAD a storefront there that was open Fri & Sat. But looks like they're no longer operating from the Strip, at least at the moment. Must be growing pains. Gotta think they'll have some presence in the Strip again in the not too distant future.


Rich- I went looking, and discovered it wasn't there. they have a few loaves at Prestogeorge on Fridays only.


Omar Higley

I don't think Mediterra in the Strip is happening for now. The location it was supposed to open in is now Cafe Richard (an upscale deli), owned and operated by the former head baker at Mediterra, who departed recently.

As for a dark caramelized crust in Lindy's neighborhood, you may want to try Allegro Hearth's Tuscan, Traditional Rye, or a new battard that we are trying out. As the new owner for a little over a year now, I would like to know what you think.

BTW, Whole Foods carries quartered Mt. Athos bread, and I agree that it is delicious. But if you think we are expensive...


Omar-I am especially interested in the idea of a batard with a dark, carmelized crust. I will be in soon to try it, you bet.
Thanks for stopping by.

David Flippen

I am stuck here in Albuquerque, NM with nothing but faux bagels and bagel stores. I am in dire need of a good Pittsburgh bagel recipe. A long time ago, when I would visit friends in town, we would always go to Squirrel Hill to buy bagels. They were the best I have ever put to mouth. I am interested in recipes that require par boiling ( I guessing it is generally referred to as "watered bagels").

Would someone please take pity upon this bagel starved westerner and supply me with a REAL bagel recipe or two.

Thank you


I stumbled on your blog and loved what I read. thank you for the support
if anyone reads this we are at farmers at the firehouse between 22 abd 23rd
street in the strip every Saturday


You can find the Mediterra breads that youmention at Whole Foods in East Liberty.

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