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September 08, 2005


shuna fish lydon

Nice blog! I have the bowl that goes with that little red-handled pot in your photo. And this recipe sounds lovely. I put orange flower water in my gateau basque and it creates a wonderful je ne sais quois of a flavour.
But are you sure that that Mario Batali recipe is not, in fact, a Gina De Palma recipe? She is the Pastry Chef at Babbo and has been since it's inception.


shuna- I am very fond of that little pot. Do you know where the pot and bowl came from?

Re the chocolate cake recipe attributed to Mario Batali : It came from my web recipe search, which landed on a cake recipe he made on a food tv program.

The recipe on the website did not mention Ms. De Palma, but perhaps he gave her credit on the actual program- which I didn't see.

Thanks for stopping by.

Andrew Spark

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