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October 15, 2005



This sounds wonderful - now that fall has arrived and I feel like cooking again, I'm going to try it - warm I think.

PS - I think the soup would work with or without the potatoes - even if it wasn't as thick it wouldn't matter - the great thing about soup - they are always great and the variations in recipe don't seem to have any consequences the way it does in baking.


Hi Lindy,
This soup sounds yum. I have developed some sort of bizarre fear of never having any carrots in the house, so the fridge is usually full of about five or six bags of organic carrots at any given time. I think I just figured out what to do with some of them! Picking up 8 pasture raised chickens today--there's my stock!
P.S. I've always loved that cheerful fruit crate label. I have one kicking around here somewhere. Thanks for the reminder. : )


The orange juice is an interesting ingredient. Don't think I've ever seen that called for in carrot soup before. I love soup in the fall!


Well, I suppose it serves me right for not planning ahead. I have a huge bowl of homemade stock in the fridge and I bought five pounds of organic carrots and three pounds of organic onions yesterday. I immediately thought of your soup! Too bad I didn't buy any of the other ingredients. : )

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