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October 10, 2005



I love dark meat and, when we have turkey, my son and I both have the thighs. We gladly leave the breast for whomever likes it. A private joke is that is so easy, in this case, to be mindful of our guests... Anyway, I always boil the giblets, neck, liver, whatver comes in the pouch just with salt and use the broth thus obtained to make the gravy. The best part is that I get to eat the neck and giblets after the boiling. Plain boiled giblets just seasoned with salt spells heaven to me.


My favorite turkey dish is leftover turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, all run together through the grinder attachment of my KitchenAid. You add an egg, or not, and form into small turkey burgers. Serve topped with leftover cranberry sauce.

I am almost equally fond of white and dark meat, but of course I go to heroic lengths to make sure that the white meat is flavorful and not overcooked.


What a delicious-sounding dinner! I am so out of it, and glad to be home. I see you were on a trip as well and sounds like you had a great time!

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