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November 06, 2005



I think at the same time you were making cornbread, I was making some cornsticks, which are pretty much the same thing in a different pan. Your cast iron skillet is exceptionally handsome.


I've read Cross Creek but like you, didn't even know the movie existed. I'm pretty familiar with the area but have never been to the actual house. Gainesville and surrounding areas are so UF/student-oriented, I wonder if the area is at all rural anymore. I'm supposed to drive to Tampa in January, and the drive takes me right through Gainesville. Maybe I will have a chance to check out the site. I had NO idea that Rawlings also published a cookbook. I wonder if I could find a copy of it somewhere? Thanks for posting about it. :)


Amy- It's available in paperback, I think. Also, you could check bookfinder.com for used copies with the pictoral cover, if you're interested.
If you visit the site, I'd love to hear about it.
anapestic-Nice looking cornsticks! My skillet thanks you.
I used to have an iron cornstick pan, with kernels embossed in the hollows, but I can't find it. I'm no good on putting kitchen stuff away, if it's not out and ready, I don't use it, and it disappears.

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