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November 25, 2005



I think that the ideal cookie is one that is deceptively simple looking but delicious tasting. These sound really delicious.


This recipe was the reason I bought that cookbook in the first place. The cookies are totally alluring and addictive.


These chocolate cookies look heavenly - I'm definitely going to be making them soon! Yum!


would you mind sharing the recipe - the NY Times link doesn't work anymore. Thanks!


Thanks all.
Arif-If you email me, I will forward it to you. I have both recipes typed up already as an email I sent to someone else- but I haven't got your email address.

Miss Tenacity

I made Celia's cookies today, too! They are insanely fussy in her rendition (which is to shape them with a spoon and then build sandwiches out of them). But the taste is spectacular and I haven't even waited the requisite "2 days" yet. :-)

Of course, I wonder if they would be just as good and a bit less work to just treat them as shortbread and mash the dough into a pan all at once, then cut later and make the sandwiches that way. Hmmm.

I would also love the NY Times cookie recipe if you've got it typed up. Thank you very much.


Your cookies look and sound delicious, but now I'd love to taste them! Could you please send me a copy of the NY Times recipe? Thanks very much!


Hello! Would love the recipe to these cookies, as well... the link is dead. Hope you can post the recipe for us all to enjoy! Many thanks!! ;)

my proper email is the address after "NOSPAM_."


Ha! I just wound up here after searching for the Celia Barbour recipe for myself. Nice to see we are in sync.

Maida Barbour

These are my mom's cookies (Celia's my sister) and they're Finnish, not Norwegian. You can find an active link at http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/recipe_views/views/233297. And one more thing: yes the spoon shape is necessary to get that amazing 2-3 days later softening effect Celia mentions. Flat shortbread dough might work, but the extra work to use the spoons is well worth it, seriously.


Thanks Maida: I don't know where I got the idea they were Norwegan, the article says quite clearly that they are Finnish! I appreciate the active link, and I'm sure others will too.
I agree that they are well worth the trouble of using the spoon method- they're lovely.
I felt the extra 2 days not only softened them, but even improved the already excellent flavor, they are great cookies. I didn't find them all that "fussy", it just took a bit of time to learn to push them out of the spoon intact.


Thanks for a delicious-sounding Scandinavian recipe! I have got to try these!


I know I am 2 years late !! However, these cookies look very delicious - would you mind sharing the recipe - the NY Times request for a lot of personal information which I am not ready to give out. Much appreciated.

Jack Snyder

Do you have sugarfree chocolate bars???

Thanks! Jack Snyder

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