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November 18, 2005



it's good to find another soup freak. i too eat searingly hot bowls of soup in the dead heat of summer. and spring. and winter. and fall too.


There's an excellent mushroom barley soup recipe in the original Moosewood cook book. It has a picture at the top of the page of a barren, cold looking lakeshore. I like to cook the barley ahead of time and keep it in the freezer so I can just throw it in. I first had this soup in Berkeley across the street from the university, served with seeded baguette from Acme. It was delicous! There is tamari, as you suggest, and also sherry.

There's also a really fantastic recipe for cauliflower soup in Horn of the Moon cookbook (except I leave out the flour, added at the end of the recipe -- it just strikes me as disgusting). I think it would taste fresher if I added the dill at the end -- thanks for the suggestion.

I made your Nightingale Prunes and loved it. I gave a jar to my neighbors and they decided not to share it with anybody. We are converts!


Rae- Uh yes, and I failed to mention my similar preference for the searingly hot serving temp. This is not always seen as reasonable by the world at large.
My elderly and otherwise demure mother has scandalized waitstaff by describing the desired state for her soup as, "You might think it would hurt, but that's how I like it."
Does this run in families?
I feel this way about coffee too.

Alisa-Have not heard of the Horn of the Moon before. will check it out. Glad you liked the prunes. So far, I have not shared any of mine. Still have a few.

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