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November 04, 2005



Yum yum yum. How I love butternut squash.


Hi, Lindy--

What a delicious-sounding recipe. It's the kind of recipe that would make me want to slow down and really be in the moment with the food, instead of hurrying.


I bought an organic butternut at the farmers market last Sunday, but haven't had time this week to turn it into soup. I was thinking as I drove home from work that I'd look for an interesting recipe to try, and now I've found it! This sounds really yummy.


I have been looking for another butternut squash soup recipe as the last I tried was an abject failure. I love the sound of the ground chipotle to add depth and heat - this sounds like a must try.


Thanks so much for the recipe! I am putting together a vegetarian thanksgiving dinner with a seasonal theme, and this is PERFECT!
One question: Do you think I can make this a day/several hours ahead of time, and heat it and add the cream and some fresh herbs at the last minute?


Nupur- Absolutely-I make this sort of thing ahead all the time. As you say, I'd hold off on the cream and fresh herbs til just before serving. With something like a Thanksgiving dinner, if I couldn't make most dishes ahead of time, I'd be lost!

Are you going to post your menu and recipes? I am always interested in vegetarian party food/main dishes, as my daughter and her husband are vegetarians. I like for them to be able to eat all the nicest food at special occasion meals.


Hi Lindy, I am totally going to post my menu/recipes for my "fall flavors" thanksgiving. So far I have
Soup: your roasted butternut squash soup
Appetizer: wild mushroom quesadillas
Entree: 1. Egg pilaf
2. Eggplant and red pepper strata
Side: 1. Roast garlic mashed potatoes
2. *to be decided*
Dessert: Apple clafoutis
how does it sound?


It sounds great, and very autumnal. I'll be looking forward to seeing the recipes soon.

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