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November 24, 2005



Sounds yummy, I love trifle.

Soaking the cake in dessert wine works pretty well too.

As does a fruit puree instead of jam. And fruit on the top instead of chocolate. Then you can kid yourself it's healthy.

Lindy The Chicken

Ahem. Just what kind of "small bird" would that be for the Friday night dinner friends? Happy Thanksgiving! This is my favorite holiday because it's the one where everybody eats 'the other white meat.'

P.S. Great post!


That whole idea that you can still call something Thanksgiving even when there's no pie must be a northern phenomenon. I don't call it Thanksgiving unless there are at least two pies. In my family, nuclear or extended, Thanksgiving dinner must always include such a massive amount of food that dessert must always be served separately, no sooner than an hour after the rest of the meal, so there would never be just one dessert. The trifle sounds delightful, of course, but if I knew that no one else was going to eat pie, I'd still have brought one. More for me.


Clare-O yes, the healthy trifle. Ummhummm. Fruit on top sounds pretty.
LTC- Small, ah, turkey, yes that's it....small turkey.
anapestic- Your family is obviously very well trained; I applaud your techniques. I especially like the idea of dessert served later, sort of a 2nd round after catching your breath. Dinner was yummy, but I did miss the pie.


MMm...trifle :) I love that dessert! Yours sounds delicious :) Slightly off-topic, I tried your butternut squash soup yesterday and it was delicious. Everyone raved about it!


Glad you liked the soup, Nupur, it has become a favorite standby of mine.


Hello, it is Lindy here, with a later note. Recently, I have come to realize that a horizontal slice of a store-bought panettone makes a perfect trifle cake layer, fitting exactly in my trifle dish.I start with one layer, soaked with rum, do a few layers of custard, pudding or fruit, and then add a second cake layer, cut from the same cake, with more rum.This is so perfect, with its little bits of candied fruit, and brioche like texture, that it just elevates the trifle heavenward. Yes, it is really good, friends.

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