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November 15, 2005


shuna fish lydon

How on earth did you just, "come across" the Anson Mills rice?!


shuna- Why through you, of course. As I mentioned in my cornbread post, I read about the Anson Mills cornmeal on eggbeater, ordered some, and loved it.

When I was thinking about different kinds of rice for pudding, I remembered reading about the Carolina Gold on their website, read some more about it on the internet, and went back to try some.

BTW, the Karen Hess book about the Carolina Rice Kitchen arrived, and it's fascinating.


Hooray for rice pudding. I never make it the same way twice, either, and I also always use cardomom.


Mmmm! Never tried cardamom on rice pudding but I'll try. I just love condensed milk and rice pudding. I'm sure I'll love this recipe.

I searched on google for the Carolina Gold Rice and found several, including the Anson Mills but nowhere could I find a picture of said rice. How is it different from the others?


Ana- It doesn't look very different from any medium grain rice. I haven't yet tried it in other recipes, but it is apparently quite versatile, in that it is different, depending on the preparation. Anson Mills sends a couple of recipes with it.


For another GREAT book about Carolina Gold, check out CAROLINA GOLD RICE: THE EBB AND FLOW HISTORY OF A LOWCOUNTRY CASH CROP, by Dr. Richard Schulze, with a foreword from John Martin Taylor (HOPPIN' JOHN'S LOWCOUNTRY COOKING). It's a brief history in the form of a beautiful book, written by the man who reintroduced Carolina Gold to the South Carolina Lowcountry after a 100-year absence. www.historypress.net

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