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December 24, 2005



Yum, indeed. The soup sounds lovely. My current favorite kale and white bean soup also includes roasted butternut squash cut into chunks and added near the end. It's not a pureed soup, and the beans, kale and squash are a lovely color combination.

Happy hollandaise to you and yours, Lindy.

shuna fish lydon

Have you ever asked your other markets if they would carry it for you?

Soup has kept me going this week. It seems to be what a lot of us are making. Hope you are having these holi-days filled with what you want them filled with.


I always salt beans and they cook just fine. I also cook them without presoaking. The difference in cooking times seems small.

I love this kind of kale too. Is it the same thing as lacinato kale? I think I love them all.


Kimberly-Mmm-sounds very good. I am big on butternut squash, as you may have noticed. Must try this combo.

Shuna-I did ask a woman in the fancy produce store in my neighborhood about carrying it. She said,"People around here don't want that sort of thing." I did not respond with the apropos, "What am I, chopped liver?" because it just wasn't on the tip of my tongue.
I do wonder about the business wisdom of telling customers that they don't really exist, though. I probably have more chance of finding it in the Strip District.

Mzn- that's the stuff, alright. Isn't it the best?
I actually think beans taste noticeably better when the salt goes in early. I haven't ever tried skipping the soaking step. Maybe next time I do beans.

Thanks all.


I have seen it called lacinato kale as well. And it is my favorite kind of kale, and the only kale that Zak will willingly eat.

I like it stir fried with mushrooms, a little bit of soy sauce, some sugar, ginger, garlic and chile pepper. Very nice.

The soup sounds fantastic! I used it to good effect in a French style lamb stew a couple of months ago and both Morganna and Zak loved it.


I made this soup today - it was wonderful. Thanks for the recipe!

Joe Laudano


I live in New Jersey and have taken to growing my own. "Whole Paycheck" (Whole Foods) is insane for special items like this as far as prices go. I do admire their value proposition and do patronize them, however.

You can purchase organic seeds from Nichols Garden Nursery in Oregon.


Normally, these should be grown in teh fall, however, I start the seeds in the ground in September, thin and then cover with a cold framd. They winter over as medium sized seedlings. A little soluble fertilizer in March before it gets too warm and they explode with growth.

I pick them as needed in the early spring, and, then, when the stems begin to lengthen (a sign they are going to bolt soon)I pick them all, de-stem, blanch the leaves, stack like dollar bills in portions and freeze for Lacinato Kale for the rest of the year.

These Kale grow very vertically so they are space-saving. Two 3x3 beds will yield 72 plants, enough Kale for my wife and I for the year.


Joe- I now live in an apartment, and sadly, no longer have a garden. I do herbs and flowers in pots on my steps, and have a lemon tree at work, which had one full grown lemon last year, and is working on 2 this year!
I do miss having a garden. My CSA Farmbox will have kale, but not the lacinato-which I adore.


PS I am jealous!

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