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December 12, 2005



Well, I've never considered chick peas and cabbage from a digestive standpoint (no problems in that area, either) or a culinary one. I like both of those foods, though. I'll have to try this.


Garbure is also a name for "leftover soup" in fancy restaurants.
They take the remains of various soups of the week, put it all together, get out the giant stick blender and voila! an all new "fresh" soup.
Recycling at its best...


I just think the name "garbure" sounds so rustic and wonderful and French. I have a recipe for this languishing about somewhere, and you've inspired me to pull it out. I'm so glad you liked the cranberry onion jam! It is particularly good on sandwiches, I find.


And you can find Luisa's cranberry onion jam at :

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