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December 03, 2005



I just discovered your blog and I really like it. I don't know how I missed it before. I was reading about your cold lingering on and thought you might like a suggestion for a cold product that really works. It's called Zicam and is available over the counter in the U.S. (I wasn't sure if you're in the U.S. but it seems like you are.) Anyway, it's a homeopathic product which you start to use the very minute you realize you are getting a cold, and it makes the cold much, much less intense and also makes it last a shorter time. I'm a teacher so I get exposed to alot of germs, and this product really does work.


You don't yak. You write, and beautifully. It's always so easy to read your posts all the way through.

I hope you feel better soon.

And I don't can, but I buy plastic canning jar lids from Amazon/Kitchen Krafts. I found it difficult to find the lids in Pittsburgh, as canning supplies are somewhat seasonally carried. Now you see them, now you don't.

And I lived with a family in Italy who made limoncello - it seems if you buy really CHEAP vodka you might approach that grain alcohol "quality" of the beverage. If you really want to.


Wonderful writing, Lindy. One thing I miss about living in northern California is the citrus trees. Many of our friends there have Meyer lemons growing in their back yards. *sigh* One of those friends makes dozens of jars of lemon marmalade each year; I'm always thrilled to receive a jar or two.

A friend from grad school once made me a hot toddy of sorts when I had a cold. It consisted of lemon, honey, brandy, some sort of herbal tea and a pinch of cayenne. That certainly added something to the "sweating it out," and I definitely felt better the next day.

Karen Morss

Hello Lindy

I so enjoyed reading your story about Meyer lemons. I love them too. So much that I planted 40 in my back yard. I now sell these lovely little golden beauties online. Each tree is named for a woman who inspired me. I tell people that's what makes them so sweet. I am an organic certified grower so the fruit has only been touched by sun, rain and love.
We offer a six-pack, a gift bag and a 7 pound box all shipped priority mail. If you even need any, check it out! www.lemonladies.com

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