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December 19, 2005



You've convinced me this is going to be delicious,so I've searched the internet to find out what on earth a "stick" of butter is! (113 grams) Look forward to trying it - thanks!


Thanks, Jennifer-sorry about that lapse into regionalism! I've corrected the recipe.

Barbara Fisher

Oooh, that is sounding way, way good.


I've rarely met a lemon cake I didn't like, but this one, with its tiny bits of peel and zesty syrup, sounds particularly nice.


At last I've found time to make this, obstructed by Xmas leftovers - guests, etc. Verdict - delish!!! Did as you suggested and took 2 days for prep. Smelt lovely in all phases & have just tried after 24 hrs. Dense texture,lemony, lovely! (We had as a dessert with icecream) Definitely going into our favourites file. Thank you


I have a cake recipe that never lets me down, it's a pumpkin fruit cake. You boil up and mash some pumpkin (A cup methinks) then in another pan, boil together 500g dried fruit or sultanas, 2 tabs of golden syrup and 100g butter with a cup of water, for about 15 mins. Add teh pumpkin to that mixture once it has cooled, then add 3 eggs, and about 1 1/2 half cups of self raising flour, with spices sifted into it. Cook in moderate oven for about 1 hour, it keeps wonderfully and is really truly yummy. I cannot completely vouch for this recipe, better email me if you want the real version!!!


Meyer Lemon Tea Cake recipe calls for juice of 3 lemons. My meyer lemons are gigantic in size. What would the cup measurement be?


I made this cake this weekend, as I had 4 Meyer lemons leftover from a lemon curd tart i made for a dinner party. I wish I'd had this recipe before the party! This was far and away easier and simply divine. Ive brought it to my office and I keep hearing people ooh and ahh. Wonderful recipe. Thank you.


Just found this recipe. Regarding storage ... do you keep it in the refrigerator or can it stay in a cake plate on the counter or elsewhere?


I keep it covered on the counter for a couple of days. If it's going to be longer, in the fridge.

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