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December 01, 2005



Your writing makes me smile--"Poppyseeds can make a person happy, I find." The perfect zinger!

These look scrumptious, almost a cross between a soft pretzels and a bialy. About timing: It looks like they take at least two hours to make. If you make them when you get home from work you must be pretty hungry by dinner time (unless you get home at 3:30 or so). Have you ever tried freezing the unbaked pletzlachs and taking one out to thaw when you get home? Maybe even baking in the toaster oven?


Susan-Actually, I do get home from work at 3:15pm- I leave the house at 6 am, in case you were feeling envious! But I think the freezing thing might work.
I don't have a toaster over, but I do take baked ones to work and reheat them in a toaster. (Sometimes the onions get a bit burnt, but they haven't set off a smoke alarm yet.)


I have a recipe for Pletzlach from the NY Times that I keep meaning to try and haven't yet. Yours look totally delicious - yeasty and chewy and oniony, yum. Can't wait to try them.


My grandmother, who came from a village near Kiev used to make cookies she called pletzlach. They were hard,only a little sweet, NOT melt in your mouth, or thin and crisp, or crumbly cookies.They had a firm bite, a hazelnut kind of flavor and to my taste they were the most wonderful cookies ever invented. I remember she made a rolled dough and cut the cookins out with a glass.They were topped with a little sugar and chopped hazelnuts.

Tasting them again would be like a sweet visit to a treasured time. If anyone has a recipe for these cookies, I wouldbe very grateful!

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