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December 30, 2005



The crust does look wonderful - I can't believe they make but 3 loaves a day. They certainly must be hand-crafted.


Lindy, when I read things like this, it breaks my heart. It makes me want to dust off that business plan and get my lazy self back to the burgh and start baking bread you could really get your teeth into, so to speak. But it sounds like any bakery that wants to make this kind of bread has its work cut out for them. Not long ago I was watching Rick Sebak's documentary about Oakland, and he showed an Italian deli run by three sisters (the name of the deli escapes me at the moment), and at one point the bread delivery arrives, and they show all these people with their loaves in hand, beaming and declaring "it's the best bread in the city!" and I just ached hearing it: on the one hand, these people were all so warm and kind, and proud of this bread on which they grew up, and it really was heartwarming to watch; but on the other hand, I knew it was that pale, fluffy cottony bread, the kind with no crust and no texture, and even as my heart was warmed, it was also sinking like a stone at the idea that this was the standard by which all bread in the city gets judged.


Happy New Year, dear Lindy. I wish you happy and wondrous things -- and better bread -- in 2006. :)


Hello for the first time.
I like MediTerra bread very much. Their bread is what I always eat in my country, a bread of carmelized thin crust and chewy interior with lots of big air holes, though it is neither so popular there.
I had missed the breads of my original place until I found MediTerra.

If you are a Squirrel Hill neighbor, you may be able to find MediTerra bread at
Ruggeri's Food Shoppe
5878 Northumberland Street
Pittsburgh, PA, 15217

by MediTerra web site.
I hope this will help you.


Tul-Thanks. It's always nice to meet someone who loves the good bread!
I know Ruggeri's- I used to live nearby. Sadly, though it is in Squirrel Hill, it is on the very opposite end from where I live now, about a 4 mile hike- and not on any bus line directly. So it's actually easier to take the bus to Whole Foods in East Liberty!

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