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December 26, 2005



It looks beautiful! The royal icing shatters no matter how thin or thick it is. But at least that makes it easier to flick aside with your fork so you can eat the cake and marzipan.


Oh, you lucky duckling! I love, love, love black cake. It looks beautiful and sounds like it tastes heavenly. (round of applause for anapestic)

Belated merry Christmas, happy Boxing Day and a brilliant 2006 to you, dear Lindy! (Are you doing the New Year's Day swim in the Mon? :)


anapestic: The black cake was a serious hit with the redfox and others. It is so fine. I have had 2 requests for the recipe, and passed out yr. permalink. I loved it. Thanks again.

Bakerina: Spiced beef for Christmas Eve? Mmmm. This is also on my L. Colwin wish list. Maybe I will give it a try for next year.
BTW, I can barely do a New Years Day swim in a nice, warm bathtub, my dear,......and the Mon is scary enough when it isn't frozen! 'Fraid it will have to "roll on" without yrs. truly :)


I made the black cake,(I 'do' my fruit every Jan), and gave one to a friend of the family. I found out a few days later that she doesn't like rum and THREW IT AWAY. I am stunned. Lesson learned.


Heather: Talk about an unworthy black cake recipient- what an ingrate! ( I'm sure you've noticed that I behave quite differently, when someone gives me a black cake.)

And who ever heard of not liking rum?


Soo pretty! Lindy, wishing you a wonderful new year!


That looks luscious. I was enchanted by Laurie Colwin's description of it years back and have still never made it. Maybe next year!?

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