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January 04, 2006



Sounds good. It's nice to see a recipe for whole wheat pasta.


Mm, this sounds great. I'm having a bit of a love affair with sage right now, and I've also switched almost entirely to WW pasta.


Hi Lindy, the pasta looks great and very comforting! As an aside, I just wanted to let you know that I emailed you back on the 2nd of Jan and again this morning. Let me know if you aren't getting my emails! Perhaps they are being rejected as spam?


Michele-Got your 2nd email tonight and replied. I think my spam filter must have been over-aggressive on the 2nd!


I adore chickpeas! Thank you so much for the yummy-sounding recipe. (I loathe whole wheat pasta but am willing to give it another go for this.)

I will pick up some sage and pasta this weekend. This will give me a good opportunity to use up more of the parmesan I bought before it gets furry and weird.


Well, I must have done something wrong. Some parts were pretty good but not in any way that I could identify so as to correct the parts that weren't so good. Although ... I am pretty sure that there was not enough salt. I got nervous about adding salt since there was some in the pasta water and some on the onions so I think I wimped out. BUT the pasta itself did not taste like cardboard, so I consider this to be a rousing success.

The real disappointment was that I forget to do something with the rhubarb I had bought and so dessert was not had.

Anyway ... thanks!


Hey.eg. sorry you didn't like it-especially as you thought the pasta was okay. It is quite a plain dish, so I can see it might not be very exciting.


Well, some bites were quite exciting. (Okay, maybe just really good.) I made a half recipe and probably needed two cloves of garlic, not one big one, and more salt and pepper (hot and regular).

Really, anything with chickpeas has a leg up on the competition. My mother thinks I have a problem. I figure as long as my addiction doesn't hurt anyone else....


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