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January 24, 2006



I love the flower. It looks fabulous, and I would never have thought of it.

Raspberry Sour

Thanks for the inspiration Lindy, I'm drooling. I'm a big fan of baby bok (it's often somewheres around 20 cents/pound in Chinatown), but have been stuck in a rut of steamed-with-sesame-oil-and-soy-sauce for an embarassingly long time. It hurts to even think about it. Your version looks divine, and hopefully will be looking up at me from my own kitchen table shortly.


Another thing about baby bok choy: it is a very good keeper. I have the last of a bunch in the crisper right now that I've had nearly a month. I've been using the leaves to float in potato leek soup (along with a few slices of chorizo); I'll use the last "meaty" parts in a stir fry soon.


The way you photographed it, it looks like a Cantonese white braised version of baby bok choi! Lovely.

As for neighbors thinking you are weird--eh, so what? They'll get over it. ;-)

My family and friends have become remarkably patient with the photographing of the food thing. Dinner guests are even used to it, now.

It is pretty amusing.



You have taken something delicious and healthy and raised it to a new level ... beautiful photo and thank for you the recipe idea!


Thanks all. I too was struck with how inexpensive it was, particularly as it is a baby veg, and they are usually pricey. I was unaware that it was a good keeper,since I have always scarfed it up promptly!
Hope it doesn't go the way of leeks (once cheap), and grow increasingly costly.
Barbara- my neighbors really have no choice..they have to get used to it. My flash pictures are so bad, I try to take all food photos outside!



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