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January 26, 2006


Baking Soda

I'm coming over...now! Orange, chocolate and Grand Marnier, life doesn't get any better. And I simply love the shapes!


I passed up one of those pans at the Home store the other day; it was the floppy silicone kind, in a garish yellow color that somewhat offended my aesthetic sensibilities. But it was dirt cheap; I think I'll go back and snag one!


These cakes rocked my world. 'Nuff said.


Baking soda-I'll be looking for you at the door. Maybe you'll bring some of that banana cake?
Pru-Have you used the silicone pans? The only silicone things I own are some tiny financier pans. I was wondering if the larger ones would flop around and break up a cake or pie as you took it out?
Dev- Glad you liked them. Ilene came over Thursday and we shared the sixth one. All gone.


No, I haven't used silicone pans, but will report back when/if I do! I have wondered about the floppiness issue too.


What, this expat Texan wonders, makes an orange cake 'Texan'? My only association of orange with Texas is The University's horrible burnt orange school color. (Grapefruit, on the other hand, is best associated with Texas.)

Digressions aside, these little cakes sound wonderful. And of course I love the shape - very architectural!

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