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January 28, 2006



Yum - these look delicious. The Germans have so many different names for their white rolls - I liked learning this latest one.

Baking Soda

Looking good! Will make some rolls too "soon".

the chocolate lady

Ouch. I gave up two of these to airport security in the past few years. Now I just bring bamboo chopsticks.


I can't wait to try making these.


This Büürli bread is actually from a town in the eastern of Switzerland called St.Gallen.
Still today made by hand, because it gives the unique shape and each Büürli must has its own shape.
Normally the Büüli is eaten with the St.Galler sausage. The Büürli and the St. Galler sausage in combination on a cold winter day is nothing to compare.
If you speak about Büürli from Zürich, then I have to say, that those are fore sure not as good and original as those from St.Gallen.


After reading this and watching the pictures, i want to put a couple of things straight.
I'm from the region, where these Büürli's are made.

I think the dough should be moister. 70-80% Water of the dough by weight.
Many bakers handle the dough without flouring hands and surface, they dip their hands in cold water.
The crumb should be chewy and irregular. The crust is extremly brittle and dark brown.(Crust crumbs all over...)
I will add a instructable of it in the near future.
In the last step, there are 2 pictures of it.



Looking forward to seeing your version. These do have a chewy and irregular crumb (which you can see in the photo) and a brittle dark crust, so maybe they are pretty similar.

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